A  R  T  I  S  T

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is a collision of new truths and awakened sensibilities; it is a serious understanding of the untried and unexpected. My style is a byproduct of the unconscious. To me it is pure expression and honest...RAW is my individual personality but it is not governed by rules or routines. Sometimes I like minimal approach and I also want confusion of forms depending on my pulse on a given day.


Living, starving and arrived in California in 1985. Born and studied Fine Art in the Philippines...drop out. Have taken numerous art classes and recently finished Digital Media Art Emphasis program but the seductive smell of oil paint and charcoal are still my first and second choices in expressing my thoughts and work. Worked for AT&T/YP for 23 years.
The mind uses fiction to explore and solve life problems in the imagination. Unlike dreams, most literary works have a strong component of conscious conceptual order. My process of making art is to avoid this order at the early stage. When I am sketching I instead use the uncoscious to lead me, just liberating the mind through automatism and improvisation then polish these forms through endless revisions. These imaginative inventions which I aim as my aesthetic responses is being originated from nothingness.